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Personalized Cookie Cutter - Stainless Steel certified food safe

Personalized Cookie Cutter - Stainless Steel


Personalized Cookie Cutter - Stainless Steel
produces custom cookie cutter made of stainless steel for cooking and pastry. offers you a customizable cookie cutter service for professionals as well as individuals.

Our prices are very competitive.

The minimum quantity for a custom-made production is only 20 pieces. The more cookie cutters you buy, the less they will cost.  The more complicated a cookie cutter is, the more it will be. 

For the production of your cookie cutter, offers you the choice between 3 heights of metal :
➡ 18mm - stainless steel - certified food safe
➡ 40mm - stainless steel - certified food safe
➡ 60mm - stainless steel - certified food safe

We also offer different packing possibilities: in bulk, in cardboard or in individual bag.

You can also complete your project with a Custom Engraved Rolling Pin with your logo, an original motif or a message. These rolling pins are made of beech wood and laser engraved in our workshop. designs, shapes and assembles your cookie cutters in Europe. Our workshop complies with all the European standards in particular with regard to hygiene, safety and working conditions. The stainless steel used for the production of cookie cutters is food grade quality in accordance with EU standards (Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of 27 October 2004) and French standards (NF A 36-711, use of stainless steel intended to come into contact with foodstuffs). respects the copyright : the design and the drawings of the custom cutters remain the property of the author. In accordance with the Intellectual Property Code, is prohibited from reissuing these original cookie cutters without the written consent of its author / creator, nor to disseminate them. Similarly, does not manufacture cookie cutters representing characters or objects "licensed" (Marvel Studios, Disney, ... etc) without a written permission from the owner and a license to use.

Free delivery (in Europe) for any order over € 150.

monemportepiece.comFor a personalized quotation without obligation, you can contact our customer service by email or by phone (Monday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm).

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