Fruits & Vegetables

FRUITS & VEGETABLES  - You can find in this category a large selection of cookie cutters on the "Fruits & Vegetables" theme: apple, cherry, grape, carrot, or even pineapple.

To bring nature back to your kitchen, has selected a wide choice of tinplate, plastic or stainless steel utensils for you to make small cookies, shortbread cookies, or mini bites in the shape of fruit or vegetables.

They are ideal for creating desserts according to your inspirations and the season: carrot shortbread in summer or pumpkin cookies for Halloween. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

These cutters are also suitable for shaping clay, plasticine or even chamotte clay.

Find in the store hundreds of references of cookie cutters and cutters, and the greatest brands: IBILI, STADTER, PME, KITCHEN CRAFT or WILTON.

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