LINZER  - Find in this section a wide selection of cutters for jam-packed cookies : heart, flower, clover or even the round or star classics.

MonEmportePiè has selected a wide variety of cutters for jam-filled sugar cookies and mini-tarts in metal or plastic, with or without pusher.

Linzer biscuits are generally prepared in Alsace for the end of year celebrations. It's a classic Christmas cookie recipe ! According to tradition, these bredele (or bredala) are offered during this period, as a snack or as a dessert, but also as a gift in a pretty tin box.

The Linzer shortbread is made of two shortbread cookies, stuffed with jam, chocolate or caramel. The second cookie is hollowed out in the center to reveal the filling, like a window on the candy to come! The recipe is inspired by the famous pie of Austrian origin filled with currant jam: the "Linzer Torte" or Linzertarte. It would be the miniature version, but just as delicious! It is also very common in assortments of oriental pastries.

You will find in shop hundreds of references of cookie cutters and the biggest brands : IBILI, STADTER, PME, KITCHEN CRAFT or WILTON.

If you want to order large quantities of Linzer cookie cutters, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for a personalized quote or additional information. Our team will respond to you within 48 hours maximum.

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