Traditional Cookie

TRADITIONAL - Discover all our traditional cookie cutters and biscuit cutters: Swiss brunsli, Alsace pretzel, Nantes petit-beurre, or even cat's tongue...

What a pleasure it is to rediscover the flavors of our childhood by making homemade cookies in the shape of Petit Beurre! Thanks to the "Brigitte Keks" cutter from STADTER, you can even personalize your creations with a little message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, SUPER CHEF... with 85 characters available, there's no limit to imagination!

Message stamps, cookie cutters, dough cutters, and biscuit cutters, offers you a wide selection of tools in tinplate, plastic, or stainless steel for small traditional cookies and shortbread.

Find hundreds of references and the biggest brands in shop: IBILI, STADTER, PME, KITCHEN CRAFT, or WILTON.

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