Christmas & Winter

CHRISTMAS & WINTER  - Discover all our Christmas cookie cutters : Santa, Christmas tree, reindeer, crib, ... to create delicious shortbread cookies for the end of year celebrations.

In this section, you will find a multitude of cookie cutters in tinplate, plastic or stainless steel to make small cookies, French bredeles, shortbread with jam, and gingerbread. They are ideal for creating festive and gourmet desserts and bites in the great Christmas tradition. offers you a large choice of shapes from the most classic such as the snowman to the most original such as the famous Catalan "cagatio", as well as the traditional motifs of Alsace: Saint-Nicolas, star or Zimtstern.

For faster work, try to use the "polycutter". It facilitates the work, in one shot  you cut out a multitude of shapes: star, circle, Santa Claus boot, sugar cane ...

Find hundreds of references and the biggest brands in the store: IBILI, STADTER, PME, KITCHEN CRAFT or WILTON.

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