Classic Shapes

CLASSIC SHAPES - In this section, you will find a wide selection of classic cookie cutters for baking: round, baroque, square, star, triangle, and rectangular, available in smooth or fluted edge finishes.

Our store offers these tools in various materials: tinplate, plastic, painted metal, or stainless steel for the most classic designs.

For intensive or professional use, recommends stainless steel items. They are heat-resistant, oven-safe, sterilizable, dishwasher-safe, rust-proof, and more durable over time.

These cutters are a "must-have" for all bakers! They make it easy to create elegant decorations and presentations, individual portions of jam tarts, as well as small cookies, bredeles, shortbread, and gingerbread.

At, you'll find hundreds of references for cookie cutters and molds, featuring top brands like IBILI, STADTER, PME, KITCHEN CRAFT, and WILTON.

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