Monuments & Countries

MONUMENTS & COUNTRIES  - Go on trips with original and varied kitchen cutters: the Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, the Dutch windmills, the Eiffel Tower, or even the map of France, Africa or Germany.

In this section, you will find many pastry cutters in tinplate, plastic or stainless steel for small cookies, shortbread, and gingerbread. They are ideal for making unusual desserts and little sweets that will transport you far!

Thus, you will find everything you need to make cookies or sweets on the theme of New York (USA) or Paris (France), or even Moscow (Russia) with Russian dolls and the Kremlin castle.

It is also a fun way to introduce children to the world while cooking, for example by creating different cookies for each continent or for each city!

Discover in the store hundreds of references of cookie cutters, and the best brands like : IBILI, STADTER, PME, KITCHEN CRAFT or WILTON.

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